Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My three sons

We didn't make plans for Saturday and Sunday. We just wanted to spend time together. I love to see my guys communicating as adults. The guys went to see a movie. (Ashley and I stayed home - I offered to take her shopping, but she was still trying to figure out how to pack everything they own into 4 checked bags and two carry-on bags!)

After the movie, we grilled steaks and made home-made ice-cream. While dinner was cooking, Timothy tried to stop the wobble in the fan on the patio.

Switched the blades around, but it still wobbles on high - he put it on medium and called it fixed. Now I've gotta find where I put that balancing kit.

Took a walk down to the park at the end of our block

to take a few pics of the kids

It has been several years since I had a pic of all the boys together and who knows when I'll get a chance for another.

All my guys. Brian, Jason (aka - baby boy) Jimmy (aka - hubby) and Timothy.

Timothy helped with another project while he was here - I have during pics, but haven't taken after pics yet - it's a good one, I'll take pics soon.

Also over the weekend - my brother became a grandfather! My oldest niece had a baby girl - which also makes my parents great-grandparents! David, I need a pic to post!


Me said...

Tell Jimmy to check Dave's FB for pics!

annemarie said...

What a nice family you have - reminds me of my son's family. He has three little boys - 8yrs, 3 yrs and 1yr.

Jan said...

Congrats on the new arrival to the family, Tina! Know you are going to miss these guys, but home is where mom and dad are, so know they will visit as often as they can!! Wonderful pics of all of them!