Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have I ever shown you the 'game' room?

I still got nothin, so I'm digging around in old pics to find something to post! I don't think I have ever shown the whole 'game' room. (that is what they called it when we bought the house - I have no idea what to call it so that has stuck for now) Anyway - these pics were taken back in the fall but not much has changed. I'm not sure exactly what will happen in here when it finally gets painted. (it is the next room on the list)

The angled wall on the left is where you come in the room, just off to the right as you get to the top of the stairs.

In case you can't tell - this is where things land if they have no other place to go.

The desk is the one I refinished last summer - it used to belong to hubby's dad. There is a television in the tall cabinet. The boxes are no longer stacked on either side - I think they got stuffed in the attic. :)

See that tiny door? That would be how we access the attic.(and by we, I mean hubby - I ain't going in there) Of course the wall behind the half-wall is now green. This room will be painted the same green that is in our master bath. (hopefully soon!)

The posters hanging up here are from baby boy's plays in high school and college. (mostly high school since I had less access when he was in college!) I had these all hanging in the stairway going up to his room at the old house. I don't know if he will ever take them with him or not but I figured I might as well hang them somewhere rather than just leave them in the top of a closet and this was the only place I could come up with to hang them! This group is from college except for the bottom middle - that is from a play in middle school.

These were all high school plays.

He was in a student produced movie at SFA. I can't remember for sure if he did this while he was still in school or the summer after he graduated. My niece is going to school there now and she got the poster for me. Love the picture of him.

See, told ya - I got nothin.


Mouse said...

oooo love the bunny on the rocking chair :) and the desk looks fantastic .... good job done there :) love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

It is not nothing! I had never seen that before..not all of it. :) Terry

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

That is something!! Great space!!!

Carolyn said...

Hmm...looks like a great craft room space to me. :) Love the posters! I wouldn't be able to get rid of them, either. I've been trying to figure out where to put all of Kevin's baseball stuff. LOL He thinks I'm riduculous. I'm not ready to get rid of the memories. Love ya!