Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rumpled and Ruffles

Do you like the rumpled look? Do you have it in your home?

I love it in pictures and stores but I have a hard time with it in person. I love the look but have to restrain myself from too much straightening! Looks like I might have tried to smooth the covers out a little too much before I took this picture. (it looks more rumpled in person) I've had this on the bed for awhile now and I'm getting better at leaving it rumpled.

As soon as I got the duvet cover I knew I wanted a ruffled pillow and had every intention of making one but a couple of weeks ago I found this one in Marshall's.

Perfect - and only 14 bucks. Can't beat that with a stick. Considering how much time I would have had to put into it and this one has a zipper so the cover can be removed and washed! Well worth 14 bucks IMO.

We have had some nice weather here. Cooler temps and lower than normal humidity. (even if it has been a bit windy) I'm sure it won't last long and soon we will be dripping sweat as soon as we walk out the door but I have managed a walk around the block twice this week! (don't be impressed - it is a small block and once is about all I can do!)

Hope you are enjoying your week.


Terry said...

I love the pillow. Great find! Terry

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Catching up on blog reading !! Love this room !!