Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's in the drawer?

Remember when I put this 'new' piece in the breakfast room?
It replaced the baker's rack that had been there since we moved in.

The bakers rack was moved to the patio.
It has pretty much been sitting there (collecting pollen!) until this past weekend when we decided to spiff up the patio a bit for spring.
Hubby opened one of the drawers

and found this!

Can you see the eggs? We closed the drawer and left it as is. I keep wanting to open it back up to look but I'm trying not to. Hubby has seen a bird coming out a couple of times since so I don't think the eggs have been abandoned.


Deb said...

Isn't that something? What a fun surprise in the drawer. It made the perfect place to make a nest.

Anonymous said...

OMG! How sweet! It's been collecting more than pollen!

Carolyn said...

Oh that is just the sweetest thing! How fun to get to watch the little birdies hatch. :) Perfect place for a nest out of the weather.

Margo said...

How sweet, keep an eye on them, I had a snake get mine last year. I think it's the same kind of bird as the nest looks similar and at a similar height. Mine had yellow beaks, but did not live long after hatching, Darn snake.

Keep us posted.

Daffycat said...

Awwww ~ this is so sweet! I love unexpected bird nests!

Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

Thats so cute :-)