Thursday, June 9, 2011

I can do anything

Except center a design on a pre-made pillow.

I saw this pillow kit and fell in love with it! Not sure if it was the colors or the quote, maybe both! reminds me of the fabric I have for a quilt (that I will make someday!) Anywho - it is a Pine Mountain kit. Comes with the pre-made pillow, floss and even a needle. (doesn't come w/ the pillow form - I just made my own) It was a pretty quick stitch. A little brighter than the bedding in our room but I've got it on our bed for the moment.

For the record - it actually is centered if you use the outside dimensions of the pattern - it just doesn't look centered (to me) because of the vertical lines on the sides. I'm mad at myself because I thought it didn't seem right when I started, but I didn't listen to myself and kept right on stitching. Now that I am looking at the picture on the kit - it looks just like mine and I didn't notice it there either until now! Oh well - it is just for me so even though it bothers me, I'm not fixing it. But - if you decide to stitch this one, you might want to think about moving the design two or three stitches to the left. Personal preference I suppose.

Back to work - I'm emptying my little room so we can paint! How did I get so much stuff?


Anonymous said...

cute! Terry

Deborah said...

Very cute and it looks centered to me.

Carolyn said...

Oh girl, I just LOVE this and it's funny...those have become my new favorite colors. LOL Seems like every time I buy fabric now, it has those colors in it. Go figure. AND, it is centered fine. You are worse than I am. LOL
Miss you and it's my fault. I promise to call you soooooon! HUGS!

Mouse said...

thats cute :) love the saying and the colours are FAB :0 love mouse xxx

annemarie said...

Cute pillow - that saying is the best one I have heard in a long time - words are so true.

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

So cute Tina !!