Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My 'new' chair

Isn't she lovely? LOL

This chair belonged to my great-grandmother, then to my grandmother. I'm not sure exactly how old it is but it is at least 50+. This is what it looked like when I got it - way back before Christmas.
I finally got around to working on it in April. I should have taken a picture of the seat cushion folded in half. It was pretty much just two pieces of fabric - nothing was left inside! Might as well have been a wet dish rag!

I started taking it apart.

One step at a time

Just a little on the 'past due for a make-over' side

I'm surprised someone didn't fall through!

She had more than a few tacks and staples.

I sanded her up a bit and got out the spray paint. (tip - spray paint and rubber garden shoes do not make a great pair. 6 weeks later the bottoms were still sticky - I finally threw them away!)

I guess I didn't get a good pic once I had painted and distressed - I got in a hurry to take her in for upholstery!
This was more than just re-covering. The cushions had to be completely re-made. I knew that was way more than I could do myself.

I finally got her back this weekend! Now - isn't she lovely?

Nice, thick seat cushion. She just might make it another 50 years!

BTW - we hit 105 yesterday. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! My grandma had a similar chair..but it just had one set of the little post and knob parts. Your fabric is pretty. I am glad you had time to go and pick her up! I bet yours is older than 50 years. I am 56 and I was rocked as an infant in the one in our family. Terry

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

The chair looks so pretty white !!! Great job !!! I Love it !!

Mouse said...

ohhh that's sooo nice .. lovely history and long may she be your stitching chair :) love mouse xxx

Lee said...

What an awesome chair! You've done a lovely job restoring it and yet preserving its "soul". Best wishes for lots of happy sitting and stitching.

Lorilee said...

Beautiful. We hit 100 + yesterday. The beginning of June is too soon for 100+ temps! Especially with hardly any rain since Christmas!

annemarie said...

Lovely chair - amazine makeover. I really think we need to do a rain dance!! This heat is too much even for me - I like it warm but not this warm!

Karol said...

The chair turned out lovely! What a lovely piece to have along with the memories.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful!! I have a chair that is VERY VERY old that needs recovering, too. Yours turned out so pretty and I love the white paint. You'll have to let me know who you used for the upholstering. I can't find a soul that does it around here. Love ya!

All things beautiful said...

Tina, I love how you can always make things "deliver"! LOL! The make-over is awesome. I like it VERY much. What a lovely treasure to pass on to your children in years to come.