Friday, August 19, 2011


Our front yard looks like we are starting a mushroom farm! These things keep popping up overnight. Hubby picks them almost daily. He mowed yesterday (he pulls them before mowing, he doesn't mow over them) We will see how many pop up over the weekend.

The guest bathroom is moving along. All I have left to do is put up some shelves (I don't have the materials for this yet) and frame the mirror (have this, just need to get it done) then I can decide what pictures/decor I want to hang in there and it will be done. If I can find the shelving supplies maybe I can finish this weekend. I seem to be having a problem finding what I want.

The other weekend project is to paint one of the guest rooms. Bought paint today - Faded Burlap. If we can knock out that room this weekend we will just have one more room to paint upstairs, a couple of closets downstairs and the kitchen cabinets! I'm hoping to hire someone to do the kitchen cabinets but will see when that time comes. (it's kinda last on the list)

I'm off to take stuff off walls and get the room ready to paint. Shhh - it is a surprise, I haven't told the hubby that I made plans! :)

Have a great weekend!

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Terry said...

good luck Tina! I bet I know what you are getting ready for..! Maybe we can meet there this year. Sounds like lots of progress!