Monday, August 1, 2011

A new friend

My birthday present came in this weekend. Bertha has a new friend - her name is Olivia.

Isn't she just too cute? We got her all put together Saturday afternoon and I spent time with 'the girls' (as hubby now calls them) yesterday. I need to find a chair mat that will fit better but that one will do until I can find another - beats trying to roll that chair on the carpet! (oh, but I do miss my wood floors!)

I changed out the green knobs that came with it for some pink ones I picked up at Lowe's and added some pink and green boxes to the cubbies on each side. It's hard to get a good pic since she sits right in front of the window.

Now I need to make a new cover for Bertha and a cover for my chair. I'll get to those but not until after the kids have all gone home. Too much to do before they get here this weekend!

Hope you have a great week!


Mouse said...

helloooo :) just love that desk ... you have made me jealous heheheheh and those boxes go sooo well with it too :) take care and enjoy the kids visit :) love mouse xxxx

Karen said...

I love it! Enjoy the visit with the kids.

Terry said...

That is precious! That trim!

annemarie said...

Oh am I envious - green is my all-time favorite color. Where did you ever find this cute desk? You should make a matching machine cover - enjoy your visit with the your family.

Carolyn said...

I am totally loving this! The trim is just the best thing ever! And the color - perfect to go in your pink room. Love, love love it!