Friday, July 29, 2011

Sewing and waiting

I've been sewing today while waiting for Don. Looks like Don is a big tease for us though. We could still get a little rain (like 1/2") but the chances of getting a good rain are looking less and less likely. It is good for the people south of Houston but not so much for those of us north of Houston.
Oh well.
These pictures are totally unrelated to the title of this post but it's all I have!
Remember back when I was spying the neighbor?
Well, she gave the neighbor on the other side of us some seeds or pods or whatever you call those things and he gave me one. (it was in a cup full of dirt so I didn't see it - just planted the whole thing)

I pulled out the trellis from the old house (I had morning glories on it there) and an odd plastic planter and planted my little vine.

Not much on it. This was about two weeks ago.

Now look!

It is growing!
The vine on the left doesn't look like it has anything on it until you get up close,

but it does have some small leaves at the base.
Since it seems to be 'taking' I may do something to the plastic pot - paint maybe? Since it is such an aggressive plant I may keep it in a pot even after I get flower beds built back here.
BTW - this is in the corner opposite my bottle tree.

Hope you all have a fun weekend!


annemarie said...

Don sure turned out to be a dud - really thought we were going to get some real rain - all we got was one little shower! Happy weekend to you also.

Terry said...

the heart shaped leaves are cute..!