Monday, July 18, 2011


The flimsy. Pattern from the Thimbleberries book 'Beginners Luck'

Close up of the fabrics - the one on the bottom will be the backing. Haven't decided how I want to quilt it yet.

I decided I need to take down an old quilt that has been hanging in the guest room for way too long. (it was hanging at the other house too) I've rotated it several times but I think it really just needs to come down. Problem is, I don't have another quilt to hang there - this is the only room with these colors, so I decided I would make one.

This is a (old) picture of the room. (the quilt is hanging on the wall in the left of the picture) Anyway - now I have to decide what color to paint the room. At the old house the walls were pure white, but they were bead-board paneling (which I loved). I'm not sure I would 'love' pure white on sheet rock walls. The room isn't at the top of the list to paint but I am still thinking about what I want to do in here. I would love to put up paneling (painted white, of course) but it isn't in the budget, plus it would be the only room in the house with paneling. (bead-board paneling is just one of the things I miss from my old house!) The trim is the same off-white as the rest of the house and I don't plan to paint the trim.

I'm open to suggestions!


Deb said...

I really stink when it comes to painting a room - I'm thinking a warm cream color, but can't give exact suggestions since it's been a while since I've been in a paint store. Love the fabrics you chose for your new quilt.

Mouse said...

ooo love the fabric you have chosen .. how about a rich beige colour .. similar to the second fabbie down on that wall ??? or a dulux white with a hint of almond .. hope that helps and I love board painted white too mouse xxxx

All things beautiful said...

Starting another quilt Tina? I'm positively jealous!!! I wish I have the time to sew at my heart's desire :-) I want to use up my scraps & stash & there's this great site that offers some really awesome free scrappy quilt tutorials. Have you visited Tina?