Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

'Whipped up' a little doggie placemat this week. I was tired of looking at the one that we have been using!

I have no idea why blogger is doing this to my pictures. I swear I had rotated it and when I pull the picture up it is correct, but when it loads here it is wrong. Anyone else having this problem?

I think we have managed to work out a time when all the kiddos can be here at the same time for a few days in August! Wasn't sure it was going to happen this year (and still waiting on one to get time off approved but it shouldn't be a problem) Wish it could happen more than just once a year, but I'll take what I can get!

Have a great weekend!


The Durham Family said...

Yep! Blogger is rotating my pictures after it uploads them. So frustrating! I've actually had to upload my pictures upside down and then blogger turns them right side up on my blog...ahhhhhh

Terry said...

That is some of the cutest fabric I have ever seen!!!!!! Yay for getting all the kids together!

All things beautiful said...

How nice to have ALL back at the same time :-) Enjoy!

Amy said...

Love the new mat.

Between Blogger and Yahoo I am losing my mind!!!!