Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A little paint

A couple of posts back I told you I had been painting some small stuff - this is what I painted.

On top of the cabinet (right, on the front) is an old sewing machine drawer I picked up in a thrift store several years ago. At that time I painted it and lined the inside (this was the best pic I could find - I know there is a better one somewhere)

Anywho - I didn't want to re-do the inside so I taped it off and painted the outside white.

Added this little medallion to cover the hole where the knob was. A little sanding, a little glaze and it was ready to go.

The box on the back left is the next victim

Painted and finished it the same way and changed out the fabric. (maybe I will someday actually stitch something to go there)

Then I had this little bread basket - I'm sure there is a before pic somewhere - but it was all brown. Kinda beat-up looking so once again, I used the same paint/finish.

Side view

And put some stitching smalls in for display.

That is it for today - unless someone wants to come find the snake that I saw slither into my flowerbed yesterday. I have no idea what kind of snake it is - doesn't matter, a snake is a snake, is a snake. Either way I won't be weeding the flower bed anytime soon!

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Terry said...

Your painted pieces are very nice! The fabric with the stitches is so cute. I love the smalls displayed that way. Good job! Terry