Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Playing with paint

I've been playing in the paint again. Only small projects at the moment - if you look close you can see one in the background. I have a whole list of big projects to get done but it is so hot! Some of them I can bring in to paint but they will still have to be sanded outside so I'm not rushing to get them done. (I'm one less since one 'disappeared', but we won't go there)

I found this one, lonely bloom the other day. Most everything is crying for rain so I was kinda surprised by this little bloom.

Right now it is dark, windy and I hear thunder, but since I have lost count of how many days in a row that has happened and we didn't get a drop of rain, I'm not counting chickens if you know what I mean. There are even severe thunderstorm warnings. Keep your fingers crossed - not for severe stuff but we could use some wet stuff!

1 comment:

Mouse said...

oooo nice little project there :) and sending some rain your way :) love mouse xxxx