Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paint can war

Have you ever done battle with a paint can? After I posted yesterday I took on a paint can. Apparently the last time this paint was used it got put away without cleaning the rim before sealing. (this was when we did the master bath - many months ago) Since I'm the one that painted the cabinets, I guess I am the idjut that didn't clean the lid off.

Anywho - when I tried to open the can, the lid wouldn't budge. The rim of the lid just kept bending - the harder I tried, the more it resisted. Well, I was determined to get that paint on before hubby got home from work - here is the result of my efforts

Take that paint can. You would be surprised what you can do with a big ole screwdriver and a rubber mallet!

Of course I fully expected the lid to fly across the room when it finally let loose so I kept my fat self perched over the top and avoided that mess. Since it was nearly a full can of paint I wasn't about to let the whole thing go to waste so I sent the hubby to get a new paint can.

And I made sure to clean the rim before I closed it this time! I'm waiting on coat of paint to dry at the moment - hopefully it is the last one, but I won't really know until it dries. (it started getting kinda draggy and I may have to sand a bit and do one more)

I'm working on the upstairs (guest) bathroom. I had hoped to have pictures to show by now but there were a few snags along the way so hopefully by next week I'll have something besides an old paint can to show for my efforts!

What are you working on this week? Something fun? I hope it is something indoors! Our temp is supposed to reach 103 today - painting indoors beats anything outside!

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annemarie said...

At least you are ambitious enough to paint - this heat zaps me of all energy! Keep cool.