Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Progress pictures

I'm not totally through with the bathroom but I thought I would go ahead and show pictures. Grab something to drink - this ended up being kinda long! (sorry)

First a few befores. This is a pretty small room - big enough for it's intended purpose but small when you are trying to take pictures! Walls are the same builder beige as the rest of the house was.

These are before we started 2 weeks ago, I had added the cabinet knobs awhile back. There wasn't a cabinet knob or curtain/rod in the house when we moved in. There was a shower curtain rod but you can see how low it was hanging - it was a tension rod and I couldn't get it to stay up any higher (it is resting on the shower surround!)
See the cabinet hanging on the wall? Look at the top - I can't believe it didn't fall off the wall! When we went to take it down the toggle bolts (or whatever you call those things) were just stuck in the sheetrock. They had not even been pushed through enough to spring open! Accident waiting to happen. This is the last of these cabinets - we have removed all of them and re-purposed them in the garage.

Moving on. Builder faucet. Spout too short and plastic handles - I hate those. (nothing against you if you have/like them, just not my cuppa)

'Hollywood light' - our first obstacle. I wanted to replace it. Should be simple, find a new one, cut the power, swap fixtures, turn power back on.

Nope. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?
Yep - the box for the light is way off center! After looking at who-knows-how-many fixtures I finally picked one only to find out it would not work. I am grateful the wiring was done correctly but I swear the guy that was cutting holes for some of this stuff must have been drinking - not the only odd fixture/switch placement. It was easier to pick another fixture than move the box and patch the wall!

You really can't tell the colors in these pictures but the new paint color is green (pebble - the same lighter green color we have used in other rooms of the house) No window so no natural light. It doesn't look like much of a change, but it is a huge change in person!

Changed out the shower rod for one that is curved to give a little more elbow room in the shower and this one actually screws into the wall so it won't slip back down! (also raised it up several inches so the curtain isn't dragging the floor)

Put up shelving where the cabinet was removed. I'm not through with the 'pretty parts' yet so the stuff on the bottom shelf will change. Need to get some more white towels too.

Painted the cabinet white - much better! Also replaced the faucet. (problem #2. weird plumbing - nothing 'wrong' with it, just wouldn't work with the new fixture so hubby called a plumber which pretty much doubled the cost of this makeover!) Anyway - it is done, and it is much better! (and would be easy to replace again - not that that is likely to happen!)

New light fixture (finally!) Added a towel ring since there wasn't one in here.

Framed the mirror. There was another issue here. Took some thinking but problem solved and mirror is framed.

here is one with the light off so you can see the fixture - I had to find one that was wide enough to center over the mirror and still cover the hole. Wasn't my first choice but still better than the old one! Don't look too close - you will be able to see where I just filled the corners on the frame - it is still pink and I see I need to clean the smudges off the mirror.

So there ya have it. Between dry time for paint and minor 'issues' this took nearly two weeks! I still haven't put anything on the walls yet (because I haven't decided what to put up!)

Working on getting the bedroom back together but not sure about what I am going to hang in there either. ( still haven't put the play posters back up in the game room either! I need to do some picture hangin!)

Have I bored ya to sleep yet? If not, thanks for hangin in there!


Terry said...

Each improvement looks wonderful!

Lorilee said...

It is looking great. We had to put knobs on all of our cabinets when we moved in. I have been wanting to frame our mirrors, just haven't gotten around to it yet.