Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just another day

Yep - this is a typical day in the living room/family room/den - whatever you call it at your house.

I do actually clean up in here on occasion. Kinda like the bar - if I know you are coming . . . Most of the coffee table is my fault - magazines that need either need to be put away or tossed in the recycle bin, cross stitch project that I pile there because if I put it away I'm less likely to actually stitch if I sit down (my stitching chair is to the right in this picture). The sofa - well, that is another story. Wanna know who rules the sofa? That would be the dogs! There are two other pillows that are on the floor between the coffee table and the sofa - they push them off in the many circles around to find just the right spot to nap. Tennis balls - there are two you can see but I know there is another one in the right corner. Autumn is slacking - there are usually at least half a dozen on there.

Somewhere around Tuesday, I'll throw that blanket in the wash along with that pillow cover and give the sofa and pillows that aren't washable a good vacuum so it will be nice and fresh when the girlfriends come on Wednesday.

See, it cleans up well. (old pic, before I painted the end table - that coffee table is on the hit list as soon as the girlfriends leave!)

If I clean it before then, it will look like the first picture again before they get here and I'll just have to do it again.

Clouds are rolling in. We are supposed to have a cold front moving through this afternoon (hopefully it will take care of the killer skeeters!) and maybe a little rain.

For dinner tonight - 'tater soup!

Linking up with Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage for Reality Shot Thursday. (Can't believe I'm actually posting these pictures)


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A comfortable place to gather and relax. I have started painting furniture around the house and really enjoying the changes.
- Joy

Claudia said...

Sounds exactly like what I do with both our sofas! There's a blanket on the one in the living room because Scout sheds so much! And I vacuum the sofa and the pillows in the den daily.

Thanks so much for joining in!


❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

You are so brave! The island and a table in the living room are constantly stacked with papers, mail and those little "I'll put this away later" things...where does this stuff come from??

But it's reality and we all do this, don't we?

Potato soup...yum! Mine is so calorie-loaded...but it sounds good. I think I'll fix that for dinner tomorrow night! Thanks for the idea, Tina!! :D

Ann said...

Looks comfy to me and everything is where you can get to it easily.

Terry said...

I almost made potato soup tonight too! Weird. Yep, we all stack

Kim said...

funny how much our pets rule the home, isn't it? I am constantly vacuuming and I have to "tape" myself if I'm going out- but I wouldn't change it for anything. I like your coffee table :)

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Looks very comfy - I miss the photos of the dogs on the sofa. Once I had a black dog (Lab) and a white dog (G. Shep) at the same time -- I could only wear gray -- for years!

The Boston Lady said...

It cleans up really well! And I totally understand the canine takeover! Ann