Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trunk is finished!

We finally got the army trunk hauled upstairs last night. (I posted a before pic earlier)

This is what happened to my poly when I was coating the black parts of the trunk. The can on the right is the one I was using on the trunk, the one on the left is one I bought to go over the white parts after the other can turned gray. You can see why I needed to coat it with something before bringing it inside!

While it seemed to not transfer color after the first coat, I was still a little scared of putting the trunk directly on the carpet so we added some casters to the bottom.

Also makes it easier to move around! I'm waiting another day or so before putting anything on top even though it seems completely dry. The chairs are on the 'to be replaced' list. I'm hoping for a small sofa to go there (the hubby wants a recliner - we will see) I can't remember if I showed this room after I got all the stuff back on the walls, but you can see most of baby boy's play posters are on the wall behind the chairs.

I ended up putting his senior play poster and his 'movie' poster (he spent one day as an extra on the set of 'Mr. Brooks' so I framed a movie poster along with his pay stub, cost me more to frame it than he got paid!) in the corner along with some other stuff I couldn't figure out where to hang. This room is done except for replacing those chairs. (and eventually replacing the carpet with wood floors but that is way down the list since there is nothing wrong with the carpet!) Well, done until I think something needs to be changed and you never know when that will happen!

We are having some wonderful fall weather - love it!

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Terry said...

I love all the things you have been getting done! The walls look very good. Neat trunk, and with special meaning. :)