Thursday, October 20, 2011


So, the other day I showed you one of the bar stools I painted with ASCP.

Wanna see the reality shot?

If you just show up at my house, this is what you would likely see. Maybe not the exact same stuff, but as most flat surfaces in my house, this spot attracts clutter. You can see the corner of the table - it is covered with a sheet because that is where I was painting. It isn't often that I don't have some kind of project spread out there.

But - if I know you are coming, I can clean it up! Now, by this time tomorrow you probably won't be able to see either surface because I plan to paint the pantry and the closet under the stairs this weekend and that stuff has to go somewhere!

I'm linking up with Claudia for Reality Shot Thursday.


Claudia said...

Ah, that kind of reality shot looks very familiar! I shove all the clutter out of camera range and then take the 'pretty' photo. Thanks for joining in this week.


The Boston Lady said...

Your stools turned out marvelous! I have yet to try the chalk paint, but have friends that just love it. Your clutter is as attractive as your "cleaned up" picture. Ann

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I love ASCP - and I use my kitchen table as a paint station too. Great kitchen stools.
- Joy

Babajeza said...

I love counters and bar stools. Unfortunatelly I can't have them in my kitchen. It's too small.

Mouse said...

heheheh we have flat surface syndrome here too .... looks lovely :) good luck with the pantry etc love mouse xxxx

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Not so bad, but of course the clean-uo photo is beautiful! Love the bar stools! Linda

Maggie said...

The stool looks great with the new chalk paint treatment, isn't is amazing just how much "mess" you can crop out of a shot?