Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The side table

I've had this side table for years (ignore the dust)

and I've wanted to paint it almost since I got it!

I finally got around to getting it painted when I had the ASCP out last week. Got her all waxed up and ready to put back in service!

So much better.

I still have more pieces I want to get painted but I've put the ASCP away for now. I might get the pantry painted (not with chalk paint! the can says you an use it on walls but my, my, that would be expensive! I'll stick to the white latex for the pantry.) but other than that, I need to get some other things done before I get back to furniture painting.

The weather is changing - a cold front is blowing in! Finally some actual fall weather. I've got chili on the menu for dinner tonight!

Hope to get the hubby to help me bring the trunk in tonight and I'll show it tomorrow.


Mouse said...

oooo it looks lovely .... have you thought about taking this up as a business ..lol :) love mouse xxxx

artsynest said...

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