Thursday, May 3, 2012

An almost finish

I'm still missing buttons, but the stitching part is done.

This is my version of the February mystery block of the month over at Shabby Fabrics For some reason I can't seem to insert links because I can't seem to highlight anything when composing a post. Not sure if it is the blogger changes or an issue with the new computer since they both happened at the same time. I am using the same mouse I was using before (I like the cordless one and the one that came with the new computer was corded) It is the same mouse I used with my netbook and I've never had a problem with it before but I may have to check into getting a new one and see how that works out. (I have no problem highlighting in other programs, so. . .)
Anyway - I finished the stitching on this block a few weeks ago but just now got around to getting a picture of it. For the January month I used the needle-turn method and for this one I used the spray starch method. I see pros and cons to both methods. Neither is 'small curve' friendly (IMO) I can do the large curves with no problem but I have issues with the small curves. I'm sure that will improve with practice. I'm still undecided on which method I will use when it comes to doing the Shabby Fabric versions. I have the March and April patterns printed out but haven't picked fabric for them - I might skip them and do the May block which should be up in a few days.
I had one of 'those moments' yesterday and started a new project. You know those moments. The house is far from clean and a list a mile long of things to be done, but I just had to paint something! Hopefully I'll be able to show a picture tomorrow - if not, I'm sure by next week.
I'm really anxious to get started on painting the kitchen cabinets. I've been waiting since the day we signed the papers on this house to paint them and it's time. I need to get my ducks in a row and decide exactly when to get started so hubby can take a week off work (he's gonna help!) and I need to decide if I want to go ahead and build a cabinet over the fridge before we paint. It just looks kinda like an empty hole up there - I think it needs something.


vintage grey said...

Such a cute block!! I hear you on 'those moments'! I am having one today, and have a lot of projects and things around the house to do!! Happy crafting and creating! xo Heather

Terry said...

I love your applique! Very nice.
We just had a cabinet built in our utility room at the lake over and next to the refrigerator in there. There was a big hole as you said, and now a useful cabinet. The cabinet guys matched it to the other cabinets, but they took a long time to get the work done.
Can't wait to see what you are painting! :)