Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If only

I wish you could smell these!

The gardenias are blooming right outside my front door. I love them as long as they are on the bush. I don't like gardenia scented anything (soap, candles, air freshener etc) and I don't like them cut and brought into the house, but I love the smell when I walk out the door!

look at all those buds ready to burst open!

I can't take any credit for these - they were here when we bought the house, though we have been feeding and watering them and this is the most they have bloomed since we have been here. I guess they like all the spring rains we had.

Took the above pictures last night

and I took this one this morning. Seems like there are more bloomed out every time I look out!
If only - they lasted longer. Seems the minute they bloom, they also start fading. My lantana is growing and blooming too!

Hope you are having a blooming good day!

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vintage grey said...

I can only imagine how wonderful they smell!! They are gorgeous!! Hope you are having a great day, too!! xo Heather