Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My other ride

This is my 'other ride'

(ignore all the other junk - she's in the garage and I was too lazy to move her out for her photo)
Anyway - we bought bikes the first summer we lived here. We rode them quite a bit at first, then they just kinda just sat collecting dust. Over the weekend we dusted them off, aired up the tires and went for a ride! We went a little over 5 miles. I think she needs a (white) basket and maybe some streamers before our next ride!

We stopped at one of the 'lakes' in the subdivision and hubby took this pic with his phone. Maybe we will go again this weekend.


Deb said...

Love the pink bike!!! And yes - a white basket and streamers would be perfect. Your bike brings back memories of the one that I had - almost just like that. But I also took a playing card and a clothes pin and put it on the wheel so I'd make that flapping noise wherever I went! LOL

vintage grey said...

Love the bike!! So pretty, and looks like you will have a lot of fun riding it!! I agree with the cute white basket and streamers!! ;) xo Heather

annemarie said...

What fun and such good exercise - I would love to get a bike - one with no speeds - wonder if they even make them that way anymore!

Lorilee said...

I want a cruiser bike! My husband bought a bike for me about 15 years ago. It is a nice bike, but the hand brakes and 16 gears are always acting up. I would love a lavender or pink old-fashioned cruiser!

helena said...

They recommend a U-Lock, it is a heavy duty lock that is nearly impossible to break through. It can't guarantee your bike won't be stolen but it will discourage thieves from trying.

kids bike

Mouse said...

ohhhh nice bike and well done for getting out and about on the time machine :) white basket or even wicker and streamers would be fab too :) gorgeous view you had :) love mouse xxxxxx