Friday, May 18, 2012

Slowest paintbrush on earth

I think I must be the slowest painter on earth. You women that can eat breakfast, rip out the kitchen, put it back together and still get dinner on the table all in one day - whew, better women than me! LOL

Can't remember if I ever showed you the lamps I got for the dinning room awhile back? Timothy gave me a gift card to Home Goods so I had been stalking the lamps section waiting for just the right ones and found these several weeks ago. (I'll have to go back and look for a pic of the old lamps - we will just say short!) Anywho - after I got them home I noticed they were the same height as the picture on the wall. I didn't want to take them back so I'm thinking I just need something else to hang over what is there. On the list. (I have 9' ceilings in there so there is plenty of room!)

And here is what you can't see in that photo

And I'm just working on the upper cabinets! This isn't even all of it. I shoved stuff around in the pantry and the closet under the stairs and stuffed stuff in there too. (don't adjust your monitor - fuzzy pics. Rush, rush)

And here is the entry (where I was standing to take those photos) Lovely welcome to my home, huh?

Back to painting!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Carolyn said...

LOVE LOVE your new lamps! They are perfect! I do love me some Home Goods. I wish we had one here in Podunck, USA. LOL

You amaze me, girlfriend. No way would I attack the cabinets. I'm trying to get myself motivated to paint a cabinet that was my Mom's. One of these days....

Call me next week if you wanna yak.
Love ya!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I love those lamps!! You can always buy something else NEW to go between them. lol It works for me!! Good luck painting! I hate to paint!

vintage grey said...

Love the new lamps!! Many wishes to you in finishing painting!! Keep thinking how beautiful they will be when you're done!! Happy painting!! xo Heather

Terry said...

I am on a much needed day off, and finally getting around to commenting! I am so proud of you for all this is going to be worth it! The lamps are beautiful! I just bought a shadow box at Home Goods the other day. :)

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Keep at it! Home improvements are time consuming...I know!

Thank you for your kind words about our home. To answer your question, not weird at all... the utensil rack to the right of our stove is from Ikea. :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog!