Monday, May 7, 2012

Paint project

This is what I painted last week.


We have has this coffee table forever. When we first got it, hubby sanded it down to bare wood and stained it to match the hope chest in the living room. (the only piece of real wood furniture we had in there at the time) This was way back when I used to think furniture should match instead of just playing nice together. Anyway, it has been used and abused over the years. Three kids, plus all their friends - no telling how many games were played on this table!

I didn't do anything to it before painting with ASCP. There are nicks and dings all in it but I planned to distress it anyway and I like the nicks and dings. :)

Improvement? I think so!
This last picture is one I took from my stitching chair - this is my view when I'm sitting there.

It is a terrible place to take pictures from - there is just no way to adjust the lighting for a good photo. You can barely see my garden house through the window but in real life, you can see it pretty well. At night it is lighted and I can really see it from my chair - I love it! There will eventually be a chair in that bare spot (but it still won't spoil my view of the garden house) We will talk about the chair issue later.

You can see the tv just to the left - still haven't figured out just the right arrangement for this room, but for now this works best out of what we have tried.

How is is possible to stay busy all the time and still never seen to get anything done? That seems to be the way things are going around here lately. We did manage a 4 mile bike ride again this weekend. (found a white basket for my bike but I can't find any streamers!)

Okay - off too see how much I can not get done before I have to start dinner!

I still can't get the spacing thing right since they changed things on blogger!


Mouse said...

ohhh love the wee table :) and nice view you have too ... don't enter a space as it will do big ones on the blogger ...
and ribbons will work for the streamers ;) love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

Super job on the table, Tina! Woohoo on finding a basket for your bike! Why don't you make your own streamers?

Robin in Virginia

vintage grey said...

Love your table!! I have one exactly the same, but the legs design is a little different!! I stained mine a jadeite green years ago, and was thinking of painting it!! Thanks for the inspiration!! xo Heather