Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Before and after

I stitched this family tree for my mother in 1983. At some point I added some names to it, but it had been a long time (the 'babies' of the family are now teenagers!) So I took it apart again and added some names to it. Grandchildren are as far as it can go as there is not enough fabric on the bottom to add any more names! My youngest is the only grandchild who is married so far, but if mother wants to have something with the grand children's spouses, I'll have to stitch something else! I changed out the mats while I had it apart. Sorry about the flash in the after photo - it was cloudy that day and I couldn't get a good shot w/o the flash.

Thanks so much for your kind words yesterday. The headache thing is an on-going issue (2 years - not always at the level it has been for the past 5 days, but daily none the less) and we have yet to find a med that works for me. So far, none of the regular migraine meds have worked. I try really hard to ignore it and not to mention it here in posts, but by yesterday it was getting to me again. While the headache is not better today, 'I' am doing a little better. (this morning anyway - by afternoon I could be back in a funk!) I know that is not what you tune in to see here so I'll try to keep the headache talk to a minimum. If you are reading this - thanks for coming back!


Linda said...

That's okay Tina sometimes it just helps to share your thoughts and feelings just as if your talking to a friend or like writing in a journal.

I just enjoy seeing all your beautiful needle work treasures.

Hey, are you anywhere near Paris? All our family is there.

Take care .....Linda

Anonymous said...

Feel better.. Your family tree is a real treasure.

Lani said...

The Family Tree piece is beautiful!!

Write away about your headaches. It helps to talk sometimes. I get migraines, too - not nearly to the extent you do, but still . . . So I understand.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful family treasure!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Tina ~ I hope that you are feeling better! Love the family tree cross stitch! You do beautiful work!

Take care sweetie!