Friday, September 28, 2007

Big spender

Well, I went to Canton with a couple of friends yesterday. That is the way for me to go - keeping up with them kept me from buying a lot! All I came home with was some small pumpkins. Four little pumpkins - 2 real, 2 not. I've got them on the hutch in the dining room for now along with a pumpkin I made for my grandmother a really, really long time ago. She once lived in a house that had orange kitchen counters. (don't think that didn't take some getting used to - especially first thing in the morning!) She kept this little pumpkin out all year. And of course there is the 'Too cute for pie' pumpkin. I just love that little piece and I keep it out all year.

So, Melissa at tagged me for 7 random things. Hummm - can I come up with 7 things you don't know about me.

1. I got married when I was 16 (we are still married 28 years later)

2. I am right handed, but I deal cards left-handed

3. 2 of my 3 children are left-handed. (stretching it a bit but I've got to come up with 7!)

4. My middle child was born in the front seat of a Ford Escort. At 6:50am I was getting ready for work, at 7:33am I had a baby!

5. I took the classes, passed the test and had a real estate license but I only worked at it for a couple of months and I let it expire.

6. I stitched samples for The Needlecraft Shop for several years.

7. I had a few designs of my own published by The Needlecraft Shop and considered trying to get a design company going but I haven't pursued it (yet).

Okay - since I'm a little late coming to this party, I won't tag anyone specific, but if you feel the urge to reveal 7 random things about yourself, go ahead!

Cherry - the color on my living room walls is a Sherwin Williams color, but it was from before they had the change a few years ago. At the time I used it it was called 'Cactus' - I have a color swatch with the # on it, but it is in a file in the attic - and it is too hot to go up there! I'll try to remember to dig it out next time I have to go up.


Linda said...

I thought you might be at Canton......lucky:), it's just a great place even if you don't always find a treasure.

All the pumpkins look sweeet on your hutch, and the Too cute xstitch is too cute....Linda

Michelle said...


I had to put you as a "favorite." You were the first blog I visited :) You are quite an inspiration.

Have a wonderful evening. Your pumpkin stitching is really lovely.


Jen said...

I love your blue and white dishes. Are those blue willow? I have blue willow!!! I love them!

Esther Sunday said...

I love your hutch! So sweetly decorated! I love your 7 facts!!! Baby in the front seat of a car? You are my hero! Married since age 16? My super duper hero!! Your a lovely gal...

Anonymous said...

Since you are a "Blue Willow" lover and a stitchery I there any chance you have run across, or have, a cross stitch or emboidery pattern in the blue willow design?

I have been on a search and find since I want to do a tablecloth to go with my china.

I started my love for blue willow when my Great Aunt gave me a demitasse cup and saucer she had received as a wedding gift. This wee little cup and saucer are now over 100+ years old.