Monday, September 10, 2007


When I got these two pillowcases at Canton I thought I would add some embroidery to them. Once I got them home I decided I like them just the way they are. Of course, I could still change my mind.

Dapoppins - LOL. Yes, Squeaky is a dog! She belongs to my daughter-in-law. I 'think' she is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix.


Linda said...

Hi Tina -- There is nothing better then fresh white pillowcases,unless it's clean sheets just off the line to go with them.

Tina,your are amazing. How long have you been stitching? You have so many beautiful pieces of work. I have some of the same charts you've finished but they are waiting to be stitched. If I do a fourth of them I'll be so happy.

Happy days to you, Linda

Cottage said...

They are LOVELY as they are, although I am sure you would do a fabulous job embellishing them. I have the same dilemma but with paint. Do I paint or leave 'well enough' alone. Geeze, what a choice!

Flea Market Queen said...

Those are so pretty! I love them...Thanks for coming to tea!