Saturday, September 1, 2007

making do

I was going to make 'Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding' for dessert last night,,FOOD_9936_21275,00.html but when I went to the store they didn't have Chessman cookies so I thought, okay - I'll use Lorna Doone cookies, nope, they didn't have those either - 'Nilla Wafers will have to do. Then they didn't have the French Vanilla pudding mix (I love small town shopping) So, while I started with Paula Deen's recipe it wasn't exactly the same but it was still yumm, yumm! (oops - forgot the bananas in the first picture!)

Esther and Melissa - what happened? We waited until 6:00, but then had to have dinner without you! Melissa, you aren't but a few hours away.


Esther Sunday said...

I had so much white paint on my hands that I didn't want to show up to your home like that! I appreciate the dessert, though, I will take a corner piece, please... no a bigger piece than that... oh, no that's not to big for me... yes, and go ahead and give me Artie's piece too. Thanks.

Cottage said...

That wasn't YOUR house?? I wondered after seeing that delish crock pot dinner on your blog, could NOT figure out why we had beans and corn bread. I just figured your males got to it before I got there.

Geeze, I envy you ladies who live so close to Canton!