Friday, September 7, 2007

can you say humid?

Man the humidity is terrible today! The weatherman says we have some cooler temps coming next week and I hope he is right! (he actually used the term 'cold front'!) The last couple of days got away from me but I want to say thanks to those who have stopped by and left comments. Amazing how good it can make you feel to just read nice comments!

Linda - Yes, Canton is great. An experience like no other! LOL Be sure to let me know when you get your blog up.

Lani - there is no 'recipe'! I used one of those package things. This one was from McCormick I think, made for slow cookers and this one was for pot roast, but I used stew meat instead. Throw it all in and cook for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high.

One more bit of old business before I get to the new stuff! Becky at tagged me in the name game (my first tag!) so here goes. You are supposed to use your middle name and tell things about yourself. My middle name is Annette - why couldn't I have a short middle name?

Anxiety - yep, I have issues.

Nuts - I'm nuts about

Needlework (two for one!)

Envy - I envy people who are full of self confidence. I don't have a 's' for shy so that will have to do.

Tina is short for LaTennia (pronounced LaTina)

Timothy is my middle child and I HATE it when people shorten his name to Tim or Timmy or whatever. I know, considering my first name that is somewhat of a double standard but from the day I was born, I never went by anything other than Tina. Timothy was never anything but Timothy until he got in 6th grade band. Really set me off when I introduced myself as Timothy's mother and his teacher had a blank look on his face until I gave my last name. 'Oh, Tim' NO, TIMOTHY. Can you tell that is a button pusher. Pretty much everywhere except home he goes by Tim these days but he is 23 and nothing I can do about that, but he is still Timothy at home!

Even though my kids are all grown, I still don't have an empty nest.

I'm supposed to tag 7 people here, but not that many people read my blog and several of those have already been tagged so if you are reading this and haven't already played this game, consider yourself tagged. Stop by Becky's blog for instructions!

Okay - now to new business! I went to an estate sale this morning. I did not get out early because I knew it would be packed and well, I just don't get dressed that early if I don't have to be at work! Anyway - I picked up these three thimbles. I didn't come across them until I was on my way out and I had a lunch date so I didn't get to look as much as I would have liked - probably a good thing, there were tons of them! I also picked up this cute little box - I think my thread winders might have found a new home. Lastly - check out these buttons! There were 3 bags of them but another girl and I spotted them at the same time - she was closer so I only got the one bag. My favorites are the two right on top. I haven't even opened the little baggie and looked at the loose ones yet. Will see if I can resist going back tomorrow to see if they have any thimbles left.


Cottage said...

Tina, I am the same way about my males. I gave them NAMES and expected them to be addressed by them. Of course I had that same reaction as you, standing at a football game or a church thing and you talk about your son using his name and then you realize, no body but you knows WHO you are talking about. Grr!

And for a grandmother that hasn't taken an interest in her only two grand children for 20 plus years, it grates my nerves like nails on a chalk board to hear my MIL call my son Jon. No, I have NEVER called him JON, why would YOU?!?

Well, as you can see your post really hit a nerve. Seems we share nerves like!

Oh my goodness...the humidity! Yes, we were told there was a cold front coming last week, if I remember right. It did and we got all the way down to mid 90s...of course we could not go outside or we would drown in the humidity as we gleefully kicked up our heels...heels that were still burning on the concrete!

Buttons, Thimbles, pretty things, I am so glad you got to bring home a few items then meet a friend for lunch. That sounds so wonderful!

Both my dear friends have moved out of the area and I now have lunch with the cats. I miss those lunch trips.

Sending hugs,

Anonymous said...

I love that little box! And I've baked that same cake...we love it! That sweet little doggie is darling!

Linda said...

Tina--Love the treasures you found today. The little box is especially sweet. I have some sewing notions from my Grandma and Mom and have been adding bits and pieces for a little collection.

I've been reading some of your older post and all I can say is I love your stash. Oh, I just ordered my first LHN chart. Happy stitching. Linda

Anonymous said...

Love the buttons - I'm going to a flea market tomorrow and hope to find something sweet :)

Guess what? My middle name is Annette too! Of course, my nickname is Auntie M since I'm from Kansas :)

Have a great weekend -

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Tina! That little box you got is a treasure and the original advertising boxes are very collectible and worth a bit of money. Looks like you did quite well at the sale! I'm happy for you that you at least got one bag of buttons!! Have a great weekend! BTW, I will be doing a blog giveaway here in a few weeks. Check back!! Becky

Sweet Remembrance said...

OMG...I love the little box! You really got some great things...good for you!

Dapoppins said...

look at those old shell buttons! so cute...!

Margo said...

Love that thread box. I have one, but your graphic is better than mine. Great finds.

pedalpower said...

Don't feel bad, the same thing happened to me. We named our son Michael. Beautiful name and we always called him Michael. Off he goes to kindergarten where the teacher takes roll call and askes what he wants to be called. "Mike" he says, very confidently. What?! I couldn't believe it...but of course he's 20 now and most everyone but me has called him Mike all that time.