Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Brian!

Today is my oldest son's 28th birthday! I do believe it was a bit chilly when he was born - not today though - still warm and muggy. We are still waiting for fall here in Texas. We had one cool, and one almost cool morning this weekend. Just a tease I guess.

I finished ladybugs and bumblebees yesterday. I'll get it pressed and post a picture of that tomorrow. (maybe) Now I need to see if I can find something for a giftie to stitch.

Kay - that container came from an antique shop several years ago - I love it! I change the 'stuff' in it now and then.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Michelle said...


I hope you had a great day with your son. Eat cake!

I can't wait to see your finished stitching..


Esther Sunday said...

Hey, you popped out a real cutie there! Happy Birthday to Brian!
Love, Esther

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh I am late, late, late! Do wish your adorable, adorable, adorable son Brian a late Happy Birthday from me. xo,


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday Brian. I hope he had a great birthday. My daughter will be 28 in a few weeks. Tiffany lives in big old Austin, Tx. I wish she lived closer.
Take care, :) Bren