Thursday, November 29, 2007

Off to Canton

Just a quick post before I run out the door. A couple of errands then, unless something changes in the next 90 minutes, I'll be meeting my friend Sherry and we will be heading to Canton. This is post # 99 so hopefully tomorrow I will have time to make post # 100! I have a lot on my to do list for tomorrow so it might be a late in the day post. I will be giving away the Peace ornament so this is your last chance to post a comment if you want your name in the drawing. Be sure to leave an email address if you don't have a blog so I have a way to get in touch with you. I leave you with a parting shot of tree #2. This is my little Lizzie Kate feather tree - you will note there isn't a single stitched ornament on it - that is because I haven't stitched any for it yet! Hubby made all kinds of fun of my little tree when I bought it last year, but I'm rather fond of it. It really isn't as wonky as it looks - that would be because fat me was standing on the kids little step stool (you know the ones they have when they are two so they can reach the sink to brush their teeth? I still have it sitting right outside their bathroom - not that one of my 6' boys need it!) so I could get a picture of it sitting on top of the computer cabinet in my teenie tiny little office.

I haven't forgotten I still owe you the story of the leaning Christmas tree - I will try to get to that this weekend when I have more time.
Okay - I'm off!
Have a great day!


Linda said...

Have fun in Canton. Are there lots of holiday items for sale? Your Christmas tree with all the sitiched ornaments is so pretty, can't wait to hear the story. I love feather trees too,this is a cutie.
Wow! Your 100th post...see you then. Linda

Michelle said...

Tina, Have a great time~looking forward to seeing what treasures you come home with. I think your feather tree is perfect and I love the ornaments. Looking forward to #100!!