Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ashley

Whew - what a weekend! We had a blast, but it is good to be home! Missed seeing the kids by about an hour but we will go to Nac next weekend and take them out to eat for their birthdays - Ashley's is today - she is 21! Baby boy will be 21 in two weeks. This picture is Ashley and Nicholas last Christmas. If I had been home this weekend I would have taken a new picture of her. Anyway - Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Now, back to the stitching/stashing! We finally left town around 9:30 Friday morning - I know, we planned to leave around 8:30 but best laid plans and all - besides, we really didn't have a schedule to keep! We made it to Houston - well, Spring right about noon and made a stop at 3 Stitches and did a 'little' shopping there. I picked up the 3 Bent Creek snappers I needed to catch up on the red thread series, (not that I have started stitching any of them yet) some charms for an ornament I've already stitched, a package of 'pin gems' - 'for the well dressed pin cushion'. I also got a pair of orange scissors to go with my (Lizzie Kate) Acorn Scissor Case (which I haven't stitched yet) Sandra made fun of my orange scissors all weekend, but I didn't care! LOL The last thing I got at 3 Stitches was a pair of the new Rose Gold Dovos! I can't get a good close picture, but they have 'Victorian Treasure' engraved on the blades.

We all got a new 3 Stitches tote bag with our purchases and we are all paid up for the March retreat. I'm sure Pam is 'thrilled' that we are coming back! She probably put dunce caps by our names when we left! I think we were in there about 2 hours. We had lunch then checked into the hotel and took the shuttle bus over to the convention center. We knew we would only have a couple of hours but we thought we could go through the exhibition side then spend all day Saturday shopping. Well, we whizzed through the exhibition side and made it down the first 3 or 4 rows of the market side by the time the show closed.
I'll save those purchases for tomorrow! I need to sort out what I have and get some laundry done!


Esther Sunday said...

Sounds like a fun/busy weekend! Happy Birthday, Ashly! Love, Esther

Michelle said...

It looks like you had fun! I like those orange scissors :)

Happy Birthday Ashley.