Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy birthday, Jason!

My baby boy is 21 today. It doesn't seem possible. I was thinking about it as I was watching you on stage Friday night - how you would get on the floor with your GI Joe and Ninja Turtle figures and make movies with the video camera. Wasn't that just last week? I'm always amazed that anyone can get on a stage in front of a theatre full of people and remember 2 hours worth of dialogue and all the 'technical' stuff that goes along with it. You make it look so easy. I can remember when you couldn't remember where you left your shoes - wasn't that just last week?
I treasure the memories I have of my children as babies but I am also very proud of the young men they have grown to be. I treasure each and every new memory we make together. However, they will always be my babies, and Jason, you will always be my 'baby boy'. I love you. Mom.


Dena said...

Happy Birthday to your hansome son and I agree...the time just goes by way to fast!


Teresa said...

I hope your son has a wonderful Birthday!! Wish him HB for me.
You mentioned a woman by the name of Linda in a previous post. What is the name of her blog? I clicked on her name and it does not link to anything. If you would, please email me at
Take care

TinaTx said...

I don't know why Linda's link doesn't work. I've gone in and made sure the http:// isn't in there twice and it still doesn't work. I'm dumbfuzzeled at the moment, but if you google Linda's Blue Gate, it comes right up.

Michelle said...

Tina, I hope your son has a happy birthday~what a handsome young man. It's amazing how fast time goes by.. Michelle

Margo said...

Happy Birthday Jason, be careful!!!!