Friday, November 9, 2007

Hello Mr. Scarecrow!

Isn't he cute? My middle son colored this scarecrow when he was in kindergarten - I think. Couldn't have been much past that, maybe first grade. There isn't a date on it, but it was pretty early.

He used to spend lots of time out in the workshop with his grandad when he was little. They liked to work on wood projects together. Grandad decoupaged Mr. Scarecrow onto a piece of board and he has been hanging around here ever since - most recently on the back wall of the garage but I thought he would be good on the front door for fall so I hope he isn't too heavy for the two hooks he is hanging on. So far, so good! Grandad passed away in 2000 and this cute little boy is all grown up - he is 23 now. Don't you love how something as simple as a child's drawing can bring up such wonderful memories.

I had lunch with Margo today. After lunch we hit a couple of antique stores here in town, then she headed back to Tyler. Shopping is so much more fun when you have a friend to talk to! Thanks for driving over today, Margo!


Michelle said...

I just love kid art! That's a wonderful story to go along with your artwork..

Kathy said...

Happened on your blog from Michelle's, I'm A Little Teapot. What an intersting blog. Loved reading about attending the quilt festival with your stitching friends. I and 3 friends used to do those kinds of trips all the time. Something happened and we don't do it anymore. I really miss it. We always had a blast. I am adding you to my Google Reader to keep up with future posts.

I have only been blogging since June. It sure it lots of fun.

Linda said...

Sweet memories and a sweet scarecrow. Linda

Margo said...

Love The scarecrow Tina, and I had a great time too.