Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One bloom!

So - I went out at 8:09am yesterday (at least that is what time my camera says it was!) to see how the morning glories were doing and this is what I found

Pretty, huh?

On the way back in there were at least a dozen of these little guys having breakfast - I don't usually get close enough to get a good picture (my camera doesn't take good close-up pictures with the zoom. Or if it does, I haven't been able to figure it out yet) Anyway - I leaned in and snapped this one.
Then - as I was leaving for work at 8:55am I spotted this as I was pulling out of the driveway.

One open bloom

Yep - same flower that I shot at 8:09! Of course I stopped and got out to take a pic! Not the best pictures but the bloom is over my head so I have to reach up to take the picture, plus the wind was blowing so it was kind of hard to get it to focus right. Still lots of buds waiting to open. Next year I will put them out earlier. I planted these seeds around Mother's Day weekend and this is my first flower.


Anonymous said... a photo of hope......:) Terry in Arlington

Anonymous said...

I planted mine long, long before that, and mine are the same as yours! So I don't know what that's all about. But I saw the exact same color bee this morning, rushed back inside for the camera. And when I got back out there, couldn't find it. Looked all over the yard. It was gone. That's nature for you, Tina. Here today; gone tomorrow!

Lee said...

Beautiful color blue!

Hey Tina, I left you an award on my blog!

Linda said...

So pretty. Enjoy. Hugs, Linda

Michelle said...

You did it! Please stop by, I've got something for you!


LoneStar said...

I love morning glories! Congratulations on your first bloom - may there be lots more.

Lisa (Texan)

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! I can't wait to see a bunch of them blooming together. That would be beautiful too!

Rue said...

It's beautiful Tina!! I need to get some of those too :)

I'll bet you were excited to see that bloom!


Kathy said...

Great flower photos. Don't you feel like you just accomplished something great to finally have a full morning glory bloom. That green thumb is doing great.