Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Yep - it is sunny - and HOT. I'm keeping myself inside as much as possible. This is the time of year where you just feel like you are going to melt when you walk outside unless it is way early in the morning or way late in the evening - and even then sometimes you feel like you are melting. I did weather the heat on Friday - well, from car to store and store to car anyway - and went to Tyler to do some errands. I was at the antique mall checking out a table in Margo's booth when she came in. We talked a bit, I bought the table, then we went to another antique place. (I was good there and didn't buy anything) I put my 'new' table on the front porch. Still not sure exactly what will live there, but for now this will do. I've meet a few bloggers in person and it is always so much fun to meet up - especially when it is unexpected! Thanks Margo!

Saturday I meet my friend Sherry for lunch and she gave me my birthday giftie. Isn't it pretty?

She was stitching on it when we went to Salado and I told her how good it would look in my guest room and look - doesn't it look perfect?

I have a lot of 'memories' in this room. The dress over the bed was mine. My great-grandmother made it and I wore it for my second Christmas and had my 18 month pictures made in it. The bed was my grandparents first bed. My mother cut her teeth chewing on the headboard. Someday I'll make a circle around and show you the rest of the room.
I've got my 'beer bucket' painted and the fabric for the liner is in the washer - in fact I need to go move laundry so I guess that's all folks!


Kay said...

Love that table that has been made from a window... is it yours? Did you make it? I love that look!

Anonymous said...

I love your flag pillow. Is it quilted or stitched? What a nice little room too! Is that table made from a window? That'd be a neat idea!!

Melissa said...

Love the table and pillow. Looks great! The room is beautiful and so sentimental too.

Margo said...

The table looks great in its new home. It's always fun to see what people do with the stuff I made. Love the pillow too, and it's perfect for that room.

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Rue said...

Good morning Tina :)

I love that Welcome sign you made. The simplicity is perfect :) Love that pillow too.

Happy Birthday!


Kathy said...

Cute table and works great with your welcome sign.

I want your flag pillow. Nice bedroom. Maybe I could have you come decorate my house for me. It is so nice that you were able to save the little dress and have it framed. What a nice memory.