Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random things

Baby boy picks up my camera every time he sees it just laying around and looks to see what kind of pictures I've taken. (he is the curious sort and just can't help himself!) He always tells me I take pictures of the most random stuff. I guess he just doesn't understand I can't make a blog post without a picture and since I don't have cute little kids running around to take pictures of - being as mine are grown and I don't have grandchildren, just the dogs and they don't always want to pose, well - I have to find something to post! So - here is my 'quiet' ride to work yesterday. (I can already see the eyes rolling around in the head when he sees these two pictures!)

And here is my 'musical' ride to work today!

I even got to hear 5 whole tracks of the Mamma Mia soundtrack since I got stopped by a train! My 'commute' is less than 3 minutes if I hit the lights right, maybe 5 if I have to stop for more than one, and my last cd player would always start at the beginning of the track it was on when you turned it back on so sometimes I would go days without ever making it through one song! (this bothered the hubby way more than it did me)

And just to prove I do still stitch on occasion - here is a picture of Flip Flop Days. The fabric color is so off! It is really more of a lime green! Out of the three shots I took, this one was the best - and it ain't that great.

Now I'll have to find a new project for stitch night. Oh what a chore! LOL

Have a great evening!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I was headed to see that movie.. Momma Mia... but my sister felt bad... maybe another day. Is the soundtrack good?... Susie h~

Kathy said...

I have always loved that design. I live in flip flops as much of the year as the weather in Kansas allows. Great job stitching. Have you found in flip flop fabric yet? I think I saw some once in one of my quilt fabric catalogs.