Wednesday, August 25, 2010


makes you ugly. :)

Remember in the post about the laundry room doors, one of the doors covered up a piece of cross stitch when the doors were open? So, in the picture above you can see where I moved a plate that was on another wall

then I moved the cross stitch to where the plate was hanging

and for Jan - a close up of the stitched piece. Sorry - hard to get a really good picture. The piece is "Housework Makes You Ugly" by Sisters and Best Friends. I can't remember what fabric I used, but it is a hand dyed yellow. I think I used the called for threads - I might have changed one or two. It has been awhile since I stitched it and I honestly don't remember. I really should write these things down.

I even filled the little hole and touched it up with a little paint so now I can officially call the laundry room done. (I reserve the right to change any thing at any time, without notice) I could 'almost' call the dining room done, but I want to replace the carpet with wood floors so it may be years before that room is completely done!


Deborah said...

Very nice laundry room.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I so wish I had an actual laundry room instead of a walk-through space that is tiny. How are you liking your new digs and new town? (Well, not so new. You've been there awhile now that I think about it!)

Deb said...

I wish my laundry room looked like that. I'm still waiting for DH to paint - could be years!!