Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finished quilt

Finished the quilt for the guest room and got it up on the wall!

I used a red print for the binding. This is the first time I have used a different fabric for the binding, I usually use the same fabric as the backing (I say this like I have done so many - NOT)

Anyway - here it is hanging on the wall. That pretty much finishes this room off for now. I may or may not remove the corner cabinet and the round wicker table. Somewhere down the line - like way down the line, I hope to put up crown molding in the rooms that don't have it. (the master bedroom and dining room had it when we moved in and we added it to the laundry room when we did that room)

Well - that is it for today. Now I'm getting ready to paint the last bedroom. (won't start until the weekend but I'm getting the room ready!) When I went to get paint the guy at the paint counter asked if I was ever going to finish painting! Think that means I might have bought more than a little paint?


Deb said...

The quilt looks great Tina and there's nothing wrong with making the binding a different color. It looks really good.

Karen said...

Wow!! You did a great job. I like the red binding.

Terry said...

I want it! lol Looks perfect.

annemarie said...

Very pretty - you can be proud of this project!! My you have been busy - just now catching up on your latest posts!