Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Busy birdies!

Yesterday I noticed a lot of birds flying around the patio. Walked out to see the beginning of a little nest (I took a pic with my phone, but it wasn't very good) Today I noticed there was still a lot of birdie activity going on so I went to look again - the birdies have been really busy! this time I came upstairs and got the camera and climbed up on a chair to get a better picture. Hubby isn't too happy since they are on top of the shade (behind the curtain), which means he can't pull the shade down in the mornings and this is on the east side of the patio.

I've really been missing the weekly stitch nights with the girlfriends. It has been 3 years but I still miss those Wednesday nights. Anywho - I was having a little self-pity party this morning so I took myself out to the quilt shop and signed up for a hand quilting class!


aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Cute picture of the nest building going on. We have a bird that built a nest on our car washing brush. It is hanging in the car port. I just go through the car wash at the gas station! lol Waiting on the babies to leave the nest before I get my brush back. I had a little pity party today too. I went to Michaels Crafts Store.. It always helps! lol

Rebecca Nelson said...

Last spring/summer a little wren got into our garage and made a nest in the wrapped up garden hose. :( We didn't see it until AFTER her eggs were laid and neither my hubby or I had the heart to move it! So...we let her stay until her babies flew away. Then...she came back AGAIN and before her little eggs could be laid we dismantled it and closed the opening to the garage she was using. Kinda made me sad but then I found out that the male bird is the one who scouts out a place for the nest and the lady bird CHOOSES. Sooo...I didn't feel toooo bad! :)


vintage grey said...

Stitch nights sound fun!! Why did it end? Maybe you could start it up again!! I am sure your hand quilting class will be fun, too!! xo Heather

Rebecca Nelson said...

PS: I lived in East Texas...Gilmer! Do you know it? My hubby worked in Longview and Tyler. I love that area!!!!