Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hubby's home

PDA, pager, business phone and personal phone. You can always tell when hubby is home. All of his 'attachments' end up on top of this bookcase in the living room and that is where they stay every night and every weekend unless one of the phones needs charging.

Melissa - thanks for the comments on names. I sometimes think I'm the only one with that particular pet peeve. If you were close by I would be happy to have lunch with you!

Tina - that sweet little doggie sheds like you wouldn't believe! I can't believe she has any hair left on her body after all I've swept and sucked up!

Linda - you need to get that blog going!

Been fighting a migraine since Thursday - I'm not exactly creative today.


Linda said...

Hi Tina, So sorry your suffering from a mean migrane...hope you are feeling better soon.

I did it. I'm an offical blogger---my first post was today. Come visit. My url is

linda said...

Hey, at least they are all in one place, my darling one likes to spread his clutter around!