Saturday, September 29, 2007

my get up and go

got up and went. :( I just can't seem to get motivated to do much today. I lost my mind for a minute this morning and went to Wally World (Wal-mart) I have no idea what got into me. It's Saturday - I know better! I just can't seem to get myself in gear since I got back.
I wanted some kind of 'fallish' table cloth for my dining room table. I didn't like anything they had at ww but I just really didn't have the umph to go to the antique mall so I ended up with this crochet one. (fresh out of the package - needs a little help with those wrinkles!)
My great grandmother used to crochet things like this all the time, but I only have one small one and it is framed and hanging in my bedroom. Anyway, this will do for now. I picked up the little pumpkins too - aren't they cute? They weren't with the fall decor but back in the (pitiful as it is) craft department.
I think I will go stitch a bit - maybe that will help me out of this funk I'm in.


Cottage said...

I think the crochet table cover is perfect in so many ways. It's homey and vintage looking...seems the perfect background for your pumpkins, which are adorable.

Maybe the heat will end soon and we will all feel like normal again...summer is sure enough draggin' it's feet gettin' outta here!

Michelle said...

I think it looks really sweet. I love crochet table cloths - those pumpkins are adorable.

I'm stitching tonight too. Working on an ornament from years ago, finally picking it up again. It's actually something for me. :)

Have a wonderful evening,


Kay said...

I love the table cloth you chose....I love shabby chic and so any kind of white lace has my attention! The pumpkins are great too....what about the container they are in? That has to be perfect....I love it!

Esther Sunday said...

Hey - I think it looks great! Wally World on a Sat? What were ya thinking? Nothing like sitting in that comfy chair of yours to stitch and feel better! I got the blinkin' border paper off, thank goodness. Really looking forward to finising so I can get back to craftin. Have a good rest of the weekend! Love, Esther