Thursday, August 7, 2008

bucket 'o placemats

Since I have no stitching pictures today I thought I would show you my bucket 'o placemats. I found this 'vintage style' (that is what it said on the ticket) bucket at Marshall's one day. Had no idea what I was going to do with it, but it was cheap so it came home with me.

I decided to roll up my placemats and stick them in the bucket. That is where they are for now. I've been known to change my mind once or twice so who knows what will be in it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well, I love your vintage bucket of placement, Tina! Looks so sweet there. Yeah, I move things around. Kind of breaks up the monotony, doesn't it!

Catty Wampus said...

Hi there Tina; I am glad you keep on visiting my blog; I am also glad you get it ( about the claustrophobia) It is sometimes crippling as I will not interview for a job or do anything else in an elevator building. Yikes. Hey I love your placemats in the bucket.Hee-hee I am waiting to see your list;I bet you don't have any strange things; LOL Merrie

Margo said...

What a cute display idea.