Monday, August 11, 2008

Dog days

Well - the dog days of summer might not quite be over as far as the weather is concerned (although they are saying we might have some rain and a little cooler temps for a couple of days) the 'dog days of summer' here are over. Squeaky (black) and Nicholas (brown) went back to Nac with baby boy and his bride last night. They have been here since April. (the dogs, not baby boy and his bride)

The car was loaded to the gills - which isn't hard to do in a Mustang! They always bring lots of laundry and the back seat was FULL! I'm not really sure how they all crammed in there, but they called to say they had made it home so all is well. They had barely backed out of the driveway when hubby started asking if we couldn't get a new friend for Autumn. Mummm - don't think so. Not right now! It is pretty quiet here but that isn't a bad thing. Autumn can manage to bark plenty all by herself when the need arises.
My project is still in progress. I am always way under in the time I estimate for any project. I'm a 3 day project girl (except for stitching projects) I think any project should be complete and my house back in order in 3 days. It rarely happens. I know this, but I still start to get cranky after about 3 days - even when the project is my idea (as this one was). I haven't crossed a stitch since Thursday and my house is a mess. Besides the underestimation of the time frame required, there were also some unexpected outside circumstances that just can't be helped. Right now, I'll just say that my computer is back in place and working. That is a start! Maybe tomorrow I'll post about the beginning of my project - we will see. I can tell you that the progress pictures are going to be slow coming!
Hope you have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I've sure found that things have a way of getting away from you. Especially time! Best not to put those time tables on myself. I just get more frustrated when I do!

Margo said...

What beautiful puppies.

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