Monday, August 4, 2008

Flip flops and frogs

On Saturday, I made Flip Flop Days into a pillow. I thought this trim was cute - I'm not sure how good of an idea it was for a rookie, but I got it finished (I quit counting at 6 hours - for one friggin pillow!)

I started out to make a 14" pillow and use a pre-made pillow form. Good thing I hadn't already bought the form as my pillow is not 14x14. I forget what it actually measured out to - but it isn't even square! (only off by 1/2" but I know in sewing that can actually be a LOT!) Anywho - I used some of the muslin from the chair project and made a pillow form to fit (or close to it) and called it a day.
Remember the picture of the Red Thread project? Well, all that progress on July had to come out. Yep - I skipped a whole row - at the top of course - so I spent more time frogging than I did stitching last night.
Thanks for the comments on my 'beer bucket'. For a rookie with no pattern, it didn't come out half bad! (if I do say so myself)
Have a great Monday.


Anonymous said...

That is very cute, Tina! Sorry you had to frog so much though. And yes, your bucket looks fabulous!!

annemarie said...

You are not a rookie - all your work is great. Love your pillow.

Anonymous said...

Well, Tina, the pillow sure turned out cute as a bug in a rug, no matter that you had to pull much of your hair out to finish it! Been there, done that! Guess that's why I don't sew much anymore. I cherish the things I have made, but menopause took what little patience I had left and ran off with it to parts unknown!

Melissa said...

Tina, the Flip Flop pillow is adorable. I love the fluffy trim for it. Sorry to hear about the froggin'. That's always a tough part of any day.

cherry said...

What a cutie of a pillow! I LOVE your beer bucket rofl. It is perfect white and the liner looks great to me. cherry

Michelle said...

Hi Tina,

Your pillow is adorable! I love the idea of scissors in your glass frog..I might use that :)


P.S. Your morning glories are beauties!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Cute pillow. Sounds like you sew about as good as me! Oh who am I kidding? A half inch difference for me would have been nothing short of a miracle. lol


Rue said...

That pillow turned out really cute!!