Sunday, August 17, 2008

The monster in the garden

Well - it hasn't produced any flowers yet

but this morning glory is starting to take over! We have to 'release' the blue butterfly bush from the grasp of the morning glory every couple of days and now it is creeping out into the yard! As you can see, we have no grass so at least something will be green in the yard. The little rain we had the other day made the flowers and the weeds happy (which means we need to mow - and by we, I mean the dh), but the grass is done for the year I think. The weather people have been telling us for days we are going to get more rain, but so far it just clouds up then the sun comes back out. The temps have been a little lower - meaning we are just in the 90s instead of over 100. It does make it easier on the a/c to cool the house when it drops a few degrees outside, so I'll take it!
Hope you are having a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad someone is having luck with morning glories. I'm fed up with mine. About to cut those suckers down. Haven't done a damned thing. Yours may be a monster in disguise!

The Durham Family said...

It HAS been so nice not having the house AC run all day long!!!! I'm ready for 60 degree days!!!