Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I'm ready for the long weekend, are you?

My Texas Sage is happy with the recent rain we have had - if you look in the bottom left corner you can see my little gnome has been over-powered by the sage and lantana.

this little guy was having breakfast.

and look at my morning glories! The past two days I've had lots of blooms - of course the leaves still look like heck but, oh well. . .

This one wasn't quite open when I was out taking pictures this morning. That's okay - I'm not sure I was totally awake either!

In all the moving around the past couple of weeks, I decided this picture needed an update. The pictures loaded in the opposite order from what I intended and I'm too lazy to re-do it so the after picture is first. It looks like it isn't quite even in but it is an optical illusion - I measured!

This is what it looked like before. This was the first piece I ever stitched with overdyed floss. It is dated 1997.


Anonymous said...

I am most proud of the things in my house I have created with my own two hands. So I understand what your stitching means to you. I love your morning glories! I don't know what in the world happened to mine, not so very far from you!

Nola said...

Holy cow! Is that the same morning glory? I guess it was just a late bloomer; it's rarin' to go now.

Unknown said...

Wow, your Texas Sage and Morning Glories are absolutely GORGEOUS! Somebody definitely has a green thumb!!!

Love the retake of your stitched piece~oh it's very pretty. Love all those button's in the design too. Will match your button frame you created a couple of weeks ago. :-)

Enjoy the nice long Holiday weekend!

Sonda said...

Those morning glories are beautiful. I hope to have some in my yard next year, but we'll see. That stitched piece is very nice.