Saturday, August 23, 2008

A cow wearing pearls

Yes - I did say a cow wearing pearls. I know there are people out there cringing at the sight of Clara here. Yes, I am aware it is 2008 and cows, bunnies and geese went out of style more than a few years ago, but I can't let go of Clara here just yet. My grandmother used to see things like this at craft fairs and then she would make them for everybody so I have Miss Clara along with several bunnies here and there. (I think there is even a goose floating around in the garage somewhere) I still miss my grandmother very much and I'm just not to the point that I can get rid of them yet, so Miss Clara lives in my office. (she is in the guest room for this picture since my office is a disaster zone, but more on that tomorrow).

Do you like Miss Clara's 'pearls'? They came from New Orleans when the hubby and I were there for our 25th anniversary. We spent two nights there before boarding the Conquest for a 7 day cruise.

I have been given some special awards and I would like to say thank-you to the bloggers who were so kind as to give them to me.
From Sharon at One Life to Live there is the Brillante Weblog award

and from both Sharon and Merrie at Where the Blackbirds Sing there is the I 'heart' your blog award.

I thank both of you ladies from the bottom of my heart. I've not had the best of weeks and it really makes me feel good to know that somewhere someone actually reads my little blog. I know I am supposed to pass these awards along but I just don't think my brain can handle choosing 7 blogs right now (list of blogs I read on a regular basis numbers over 200 - thank goodness for blog readers so I don't have to click each one to find new posts!) Most of them have already received these awards anyway. Please accept my gratitude and don't be upset if I don't pass them along.
Back to trying to restore some order to this room.


Nola said...

Tina, Don't worry, I still have a goose, a cow, and even a coyote that were crafted by people I love for me. They may be out of style, but they are not out of my heart. I cherish them more today than I did when I got them years ago.

Kathy said...

To most people the cows, bears, bunnies, etc. might be out of style, but I still like them, so I have some around and not just in the office. Don't know whether I am stubborn or old-fashioned. They all have meaning to me so I can't get rid of them.