Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Christmas tree

This tree is in the guest room. The room is done in red, white, tan and blue. I kept the tree simple with red, blue and gold glass balls then I put little rusty tin stars on it. I had to put holes in them (that was fun) so I could put the twine through. You have to look really close to see the stars in the picture. Somehow all the settings got changed on my camera and I have to either catch Timothy-fix-it or get out the book to figure it out. Argh.
Hiding on the wall behind the tree you can see hubby's Christmas gift last year. I took his badges, patches and service pins from his 21 years with the fire department and put them in a shadowbox for him. I thought he might take it and hang it in his office, but no, it hangs in the guest room!
Vickie - those 4 pieces of trim on the porch posts are all the 'gingerbread' I have on the house. A little can go a long way. :)
Linda - fireman Santas are everywhere, but if you don't live with a fireman you probably just don't notice them! I still collect them even though he retired from that 4 years ago (you can take the man out of the firehouse but you can't take the firehouse out of the man) I have a lot of fireman ornaments on my tree too. I'll have to take some pics of those to share.
Joanne (Needleboxes etc.) - How did you find my blog? I haven't been brave enough to make one of the needleboxes yet. I am going to pick some fabric after Christmas though and start thinking about it! LOL
I do have some stitching finishes, just no pictures yet. I think I can show all of them as I don't think any of the recipients know I have a blog. Hopefully I'll get pictures this weekend and get them wrapped!
Much to do - better get busy!


Esther Sunday said...

I am sure your guests love this tree! Great ideas about the stars. And very, very sweet about the shadow box for your hubby!

Michelle said...

I love your tree-I'd have one in every room if I could. I love the shadow box for your husband..a very nice gift. Michelle

Vickie said...

Tina - I bet your husband loved the shadow box. How sweet and thoughtful of you - he must be so proud that YOU are so proud of him.

I love your stitching. I especially love the pillowcases with the blue flowers that you're doing for your mom. They could work right into an antique or a shabby little room. I am going to do some of that stitching one of these days. I've got lots of "to-do one of these days" projects! Vickie