Friday, December 14, 2007

a little stitching

Yes, there has actually been a little bit of stitching going on here. I stitched these pillow cases for baby boy and his bride. They are both theatre students and their school colors are purple and white. Not the best picture but you get the idea.

These little tea towels are for a friend who has scotty doggies. I thought of her as soon as I saw this pattern. I had the first one stitched way back in the summer but just finished the second one this week. As far as I know she doesn't even know I have a blog, so I think I'm safe posting a picture. (same with the kids)

Last picture for today - these daisy pillow cases. I love these. I stitched them back in the summer but I don't think I ever posted a picture of them. As much as I don't like doing lazy daisies I love these pillow cases. I have decided to give them to my mother for Christmas. When my aunt was here a couple of months ago she repainted my mother's guest room a pretty yellow and mother put a blue and yellow quilt on the bed. I think these will look perfect in there. As far as I know, my mother has never done any kind of embroidery. Kind of odd as her mother and grandmother are the ones that taught me. She did sew when I was younger and made a lot of Barbie clothes for me and my sister (oh, how I wish I had kept those!) My mother has MS now and while she will on occasion hem a pair of pants or mend something she really doesn't do much of that kind of thing. I hope she likes these.

Well - off I go to another Christmas party!


Michelle said...

Tina, those projects are so nice. It sounds like each gift is perfect for the recipient. I hope you have a great time at your Christmas party.


Jennifer said...

Excellent gifts! I think those daisy pillowcases are spectacular!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice that you do something special for each person on your list. I have always wanted pillowcases that say "Mr and Mrs" but I dont' know how to do stiching. Love the Scottie's.
:) Bren

Ps. Have fun at the party.

Esther Sunday said...

I love those projects! The scotties are precious! Great job, as usual! Love, Esther